Part 1

Globally, there is a generation of people who's hearts, together, are turned toward Jesus through worship. As illustrated by Hillsong UNITED's CD/DVD compilation 'With Hearts As One', we truly are a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.

Part 2

To follow on, 'We're All in This Together,' is Hillsong UNITED's feature-length documentary. It demonstrates the potential impact of this unified heart if put into practice by showing the love of God toward others... To not just preach the good news, but together, to be the good news.

Part 3 those of us that live this out. In our everyday lives, looking outside ourselves and to the ever-present needs of others. will soon be an interactive space for this movement - an online community with the sole purpose of offline action - sharing ideas, being inspired, shoulder to shoulder, - transforming local initiatives into a collaborative global impact.